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How to avoid piston fracture of crushing hammer
  Crushing hammer is widely used in various excavation projects. In daily use, it will often be damaged to varying degrees, and the piston of crushing hammer will be broken. Most users do not know what is the cause and how to cause the fracture? Quality is a part of the reason, so what other reasons, now let the crushing hammer manufacturers take you to see.  
  Crusher manufacturers to explain for you to avoid measures
  In the daily production work, we need to stagger every two hours to ensure the lubrication between the piston and the drill rod, so that the piston is not easy to deform. If the piston is deformed, it is easy to wear the cylinder liner and oil seal. After the cylinder liner is worn, it will produce oil leakage, and it will also be unable to strike. Excessive wear of the cylinder liner will directly lead to the scrapping of the gun hammer. The workroom should be stopped for a few seconds every 20 seconds or so to avoid high temperature and oil leakage. The hammer must be operated in water. There is no waterproof design. When it is operated in water, sediment is easy to enter the cylinder liner and piston, causing piston congestion and damaging hydraulic parts. If it is found that the sound of the breaking hammer is different from the normal during operation, the work shall be stopped. Generally, the piston will break and produce a sharp edge, which will wear out the cylinder liner. The piston fracture of the crusher needs our daily careful observation, as well as our normal maintenance and correct operation mode, so as to reduce the probability of the piston fracture of the crusher to a low level.