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Handan Zhongye holds 2021 annual work conference
At 8 a.m. on August 9, Handan Zhongye Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the 2021 annual work meeting, and the chairman Tang Weiheng and other company leaders attended the meeting. the meeting summarized the work in the first half of 2021 and put forward reasonable and effective solutions and valuable opinions for the problems in the work At the same time, the work in the second half of the year was deployed and the work plan and requirements for the second half of the year were defined.

First, Tang Weiheng, chairman of the company, delivered a speech. Tang Weiheng said that our company's overall performance was good in the first half of the year. However, with the increasingly serious impact of the epidemic and other environmental factors, the domestic construction machinery industry has fallen to a low point since June. In order to continue the sound development of the company, it is hoped that all employees of the enterprise will unite and cooperate with the enterprise to tide over the difficulties, and the corresponding implementation plan has been formulated:
Reduce the costs of procurement, production, sales and office, and implement full staff cost management and whole process cost control. Cost is a comprehensive index, which is closely related to all personnel in all departments of the enterprise and runs through the whole chain production process of the enterprise.
Establish a complete cost management system. Decompose the cost indicators to each department and each employee, weave the cost management network, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to participate in the management and control of costs.
Strengthen the implementation of cost management system. Establish the concept of cost system management, practically promote the full cost management, adopt scientific cost management methods and means, fully mobilize various functions of cost management, take effective measures, strengthen strategic cost management, enhance the cost concept of employees, tap the internal potential of the enterprise from every detail, realize continuous cost reduction and achieve the purpose of cost control, So as to maximize the enterprise value.

Zhu Shaotang, executive vice president of the company, also said that all kinds of consumables in the plant should be strictly controlled to eliminate management disadvantages such as waste, profligacy and misappropriation. And said that the enterprise and employees are interdependent, mutually promoting and mutually transforming. The enterprise is established by people, and the success or failure is determined by people. The success or failure of an enterprise in turn determines the income and future of employees. Everyone has a heavy burden, and everyone has indicators. It is everyone's responsibility to do a good job in the enterprise. Finally, doing a good job in the enterprise also serves everyone. Only by building and loving the enterprise can we enjoy the interests of the enterprise.

Through this working meeting, all employees understood the importance of cost management and cost control, also expressed their strict implementation of the corresponding management system, and were full of confidence in the future development of the company.

Let's make concerted efforts to achieve better results in the second half of 2021!