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Handan Zhongye implements and studies the new production saf
On the afternoon of September 1, 2021, Handan Zhongye Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. carefully studied the production safety law of the people's Republic of China (2021). According to the new production safety law, we will solidly promote production safety in the field of factories.

The meeting gave guidance and explanation on the necessity, key points and contents of the revision of the work safety law, and discussed and spoke on learning the new work safety law with the factory employees in combination with their own post responsibilities.

Zhu Shaotang, executive vice president of the company, finally stressed the need to implement the new production safety law, implement stricter enterprise safety management, build a more solid technical guarantee system, implement higher standards of safety access, implement more effective supervision and management, and take more effective measures to do a good job in enterprise safety production construction, Strengthen the basic work of safety production and promote the safety production work of enterprises to meet the standards.