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How to prolong the service life of broken hammer

Since the parts of the hammer are used in dynamic state, any movable connection parts are easy to be damaged. As long as they are used and operated correctly, they can be avoided
1、Before operation, check whether the bolts and connectors are loose, and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic pipeline.
2、Don't use hydraulic breaker to peck holes in hard rock.
3、Do not operate the crusher when the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is fully extended or retracted.
4、When the hydraulic hose vibrates violently, stop the operation of the crusher and check the pressure of the accumulator.
5、The interference between the boom of the excavator and the bit of the crusher is prevented.
6、Do not immerse the crusher in water except the chisel.
7、The crusher shall not be used as lifting appliance.
8、Do not operate the crusher on the tire side of the loader.
9、When the hydraulic breaker is connected with the digging loader or other construction machinery, the working pressure and flow of the hydraulic system of the main machine must meet the technical parameters of the hydraulic breaker; P” The port is connected with the high pressure oil circuit of the main engine; 0” The port is connected with the oil return circuit of the main engine.
10、When the hydraulic crusher is working, the temperature of the hydraulic oil should be 50-60 ℃, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil should not exceed 80 ℃. Otherwise, the load of hydraulic crusher should be reduced.
11、The working medium used by hydraulic crusher is usually the same as that used by hydraulic system of main engine. Yb & mdash is recommended in general areas; N46 or Yb & mdash; N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil, yc-n46 or yc-n68 low temperature hydraulic oil is used in cold areas. The filtration accuracy of hydraulic oil is not less than 50 & mu; m。
12、When the new and repaired hydraulic crushers are put into operation, they must be refilled with nitrogen at a pressure of 2.5; 0.5MPa。
13、Calcium base grease or compound calcium base grease must be used for lubrication between the drill rod shank and the guide sleeve of the cylinder block, and it shall be filled once per shift.
14、When the hydraulic crusher works, it must first press the drill rod on the rock and keep a certain pressure before starting the hammer. It is not allowed to start in the suspended state.
15、It is not allowed to use the hydraulic breaker as a crowbar to avoid breaking the drill rod.
16、When using, the hydraulic hammer and the rod should be perpendicular to the working face, and the radial force should not be produced.
17、When the broken object has cracked or begins to crack, the impact of the crusher should be stopped immediately to avoid harmful & lt; Empty & quot;.
18、If the hydraulic crusher is to be out of service for a long time, the nitrogen should be exhausted, and the oil inlet and outlet should be sealed. Do not store the hydraulic crusher at high temperature or below - 20 ℃.