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How can the chisel of Hydraulic breaker be used longer?

When we use the hammer, if the user's operating habits are not good or do not pay attention, the hammer chisel will fracture after a long time. We should pay attention to the use of hammer chisel in operation, so that the hammer chisel can be used longer. The usage is as follows:  
1、Using proper downward force can improve the efficiency of hammer chisel.  
2、Adjust the position of the hammer, the hammer chisel should move to a new operation position when the rock cannot be broken by impact operation. 
3、The crushing operation can not be continued in the same position. If the operation is continued in one position, the temperature of the chisel of the crushing hammer will rise, its hardness will be reduced, and the lower end of the chisel of the crushing hammer will roll up, thus reducing the operation efficiency.   
4、Do not use the hammer chisel as a lever.   
5、It is forbidden to work in water when the device is installed in water.   
6、Before leaving the equipment, lower the forearm to confirm whether the equipment is in a safe state. Do not leave the equipment while the machine is running.
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