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Broken hammer accessories promote the development of constru

In the construction machinery industry, the problem of broken hammer accessories has been restricting the development of the whole machinery industry. China is a country with large global construction machinery output and sales volume and increasingly fierce market competition. However, the problem of broken hammer accessories has become the top priority, which seriously affects the development of the whole machinery industry.
It is very important that the hammer be and always be vertical to the ground. This rule should be followed when using the equipment, so that the hardness of the material can be tested correctly. If the alignment is not correct, the hydraulic crusher will respond accordingly. When the hammer is properly aligned, it will choose the influence of the best frequency, and the material combination at that time can obtain the best performance.   
In the transmission of crushing hammer, due to the different working principle and structure of power machine (power machine is nothing more than motor, internal combustion engine and steam turbine), its performance is also very different. Some run smoothly, some run with impact, which will affect the transmission system to varying degrees. The different mechanical characteristics of power machine will have a certain impact on the whole transmission system. Different types of power machine, due to their different characteristics, should choose the corresponding power machine coefficient to match, choose the appropriate coupling, the type of power machine is the basic factor to choose the variety of coupling.  
The development of hammer accessories plays an important role in the development of China's construction machinery industry, so it is particularly important to choose a good hammer accessories.